Are your tinned products BPA free?

Are your tinned products BPA free?

No plastic lining is used in our tinned products. The cans have been made using food grade aluminium / stainless steel plate. The small strip of coating for the seals is made from food safe epoxy resin tested for BPA/BPS.  This is the case for all of our canned products. 
The following Bisphenol variations and their derivatives are not used by our material suppliers in the manufacture of the food contact surface cans, ends or closures: 
Bisphenol A 
Bisphenol AP 
Bisphenol AF 
Bisphenol B 
Bisphenol BP 
Bisphenol C 
Bisphenol E 
Bisphenol F 
Bisphenol G 
Bisphenol M 
Bisphenol S 
Bisphenol P 
Bisphenol PH 
Bisphenol TMC 
Bisphenol Z 
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