BCorp Q&A

BCorp Q&A

Q: Are you still a BCorp Certified business?

Nine years ago, we became a BCorp Certified business, to align with the benchmarks we set for ourselves in the way we do business and who we do business with. Over the years we have continually set new benchmarks with our business performance. In 2024, we made the decision to continue on our own journey of making positive ethical business improvements and decisions.


Q: Will your operational choices change now you are no longer a BCorp Certified business?

Our plan is to be better each year. Our operational choices are vital to ensure we are staying true to our commitments. As a business we will continue to:

·         Source and supply high quality, certified organic and non-GMO food

·         Ensure our products are from sustainable, ethical growers and suppliers

·        Ensure no harmful chemicals are being used in the production of our products

·         Promote bulk foods to minimise waste and encourage community buying

·         Ensure recycled, renewable materials are used in our product & corporate office materials

·         Encourage a vibrant work environment through regular team celebrations and recognition

·         Contribute to local community initiatives

·         Trade as an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory business

·         Switch the business to a renewable energy supply

·         Install energy efficient equipment in the business

·         Install low flow faucets, taps, toilets in the company office


Q: What other efforts will you make to ensure your business contributes to a more sustainable and equitable world?

At Honest to Goodness, we proudly support organic and sustainable growers who share our values

·         Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint has led to innovative solutions such as eco-friendly packaging: We're launching products in 100% recycled cardboard canisters and exploring even better recyclable options, like compostable packaging.

·         We’ve optimized distribution: Investment in route optimization software helps minimise our environmental impact.

·         We continue to invest in local buying groups and provide bulk-buying options at our Sydney store.

·         Giving back: As we celebrate giving back with our Organic Neighbours Blend Coffee, we're thrilled to have donated $22,000 to Project Timor, supporting education and nourishment for young women in Timor Leste.

Together, we're building a more sustainable future for all.