Do you offer free shipping?

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free freight on retail orders** provided they meet certain criteria.  Shipping is calculated at checkout, based on order value and weight. 

For orders under our minimum shipping thresholds below, a flat rate shipping fee applies. Before submitting your order you can estimate your shipping cost at the checkout page. 
For more information please visit the shipping page via our website:

**excludes wholesale orders

Wholesale customers

For wholesale orders, frieght is not built into the price of the products. We offer our H2G Runs for some areas (see if your postcode is included here). Our runs are our drivers that go to specific postcodes each week giving our customers consistent deliveries and expectations. We need your order in 3 business days before your run to receive it the same week. 

For other wholesale orders, freight is calculated at check out based on your location and the weight of your order. You can get a good idea of the cost of freight to your area using by adding a few items to your cart and clicking 'estimate shipping'. Alternatively, if you go through check out you will be provided with a freight quote before you need to enter payment information. It will appear automatically after you enter your address and phone number. 

Buying Group customers

For our buying group customers, we do not build the price of freight into your product prices. Freight is additional and split between your group members based on the weight in their cart. You will see the cost of freight change and update as items are added to your collective cart. Each member can see the cost of their proportion of the freight as the order builds too. If your group is is a H2G Run area (check here) you will have access to that service. 

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