How can I become a wholesale customer?

How can I become a wholesale customer?

To become a wholesale, we would require you to fill in our Wholesale Application Form via our website.

In the drop down click on "Become a Wholesale Customer" and "Sign Up":


Once received and approved, you will receive your confirmation and login details via email. Once logged into your wholesale account, the price list can be downloaded by clicking on "My Account" It will be listed on the left-hand side of the page. 

You will also notice the the Black line on the top of the page will become Purple. The Purple line indicates you are logged into your wholesale account.

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    • Can I become a wholesale customer?

      Yes, we offer wholesale to anyone, providing they can meet a $500 minimum spend. We supply a range of retailers, manufacturers, cafes, restaurants, buying groups and specialty stores with great value, quality products. Please note: If you are a ...
    • Do you offer export to wholesale customers?

      At this stage, we do not export out of Australia. However, some of our international customers arrange their own export. If you would like to access our wholesale product range and price list, we invite you to sign up for a wholesale account through ...
    • Why can't I see wholesale prices? I'm logged into my account.

      If you are a wholesale customer but you can only see retail pricing, this means you are not logged into your wholesale account. You may need to refresh or clear cached files in your browser and log in again. If you were previously logged into your ...
    • Can I use the same email address if I create a wholesale account?

      Unfortunately you cannot use the same email address if you hold a retail and wholesale account. If you wish to retain both accounts, you will need to use two different email addresses. Alternatively, you can cancel your retail account and use that ...
    • How do I become a supplier?

      Please email your details and product information to or submit the Become a Supplier form via our website. Your information will be forwarded to our Product Development team. If they would like to know more about your products, ...