Organic Oat Milk Powder

Organic Oat Milk Powder

What is Oat Milk Powder?

Oat Milk Powder is a creamy and versatile non-dairy milk alternative that comes in a handy powdered format. Oat milk powder is easy to use in beverages, baking, cooking and so much more.


What ingredients are used to make oat milk powder?

Our Organic Oat Milk Powder contains just two ingredients: organic wholemeal oat flour and salt.


Who is Oat Milk Powder suited to?

A: Our Organic oat milk is ideal for those seeking a tasty diary-free milk with the convenience of being in a powdered format. Its powdered format makes it the perfect pantry companion for when you run out of traditional liquid milk. It’s also a smart choice for campers, travellers, in fact anyone wanting easy-to-carry instant milk.


How do I prepare oat milk powder?

Simply blend 2-3 Tbsp of the powder with 250ml of warm water and transform your favourite hot or cold beverage into a velvety, oat-infused delight!


What can I use oat milk powder in?

Oat milk powder can be used as a replacement for milk in baking, cooking, in beverages, smoothies, desserts – in fact, anywhere you would use traditional milk. You can also adjust the amount of water you add to create your own desired consistency. Simply add less water for creamier milk or extra water for a thinner consistency. The powdered format also means it has a longer shelf life than fresh milk.


Where do you source your oats from to make your oat milk powder?

Our oats are sourced from certified organic oat farms in Europe and are expertly processed in Germany.


Is Oat Milk Powder the same as oat flour?

No. Oat flour is simply dried oats that have been milled into a fine powder. Oat flour is great to use as a flour alternative in baking and cooking.


What is the process used to make oat milk powder?

To create organic oat milk powder, our organic oats undergo an enzymatic “de-slime” process which results in a creamy, silky-smooth texture milk finish. When you make traditional oatmeal by soaking oats with hot water, the oats swell and gelatinise, creating a slime-like gel finish. Our process removes this gel-like finish, so you get to enjoy just creamy oat milk.

Our powdering process also results in a naturally sweeter taste while retaining the nutritional integrity of the oats.


 Is Oat Milk Powder gluten free?

No. As it contains oats, it is not considered gluten free. To find out more about oats and their gluten free status, click here





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