What is the shelf life on your products?

What is the shelf life on your products?

Our products are all natural or organic and they do not contain any artificial preservatives or additives to prolong their shelf life. We believe this is a good thing because it means our products can be enjoyed without any harmful additives!  However, the reality of having no artificial preservatives is that products will naturally not have a long shelf life, this is just the way it is.  

Most of our products come to us with an average of 9 months shelf life, some are longer, but some are shorter, it depends on the the product and the supplier. We work with strict stock rotation processes at our warehouse to maximise shelf life for our customers.  We recommend buying in smaller quantities and more frequently to ensure you always have the freshest product. 

We do not consider any item with 3 months shelf life remaining at the point of dispatch from our warehouse to be short dated. Any items with less than 3 months left on their 'best before date' will be labelled as such on our website and often sold at a reduced price.  At this point, our QA team inspect every batch, to ensure that the quality is still good. The best before date present on all our products refers to the point in time the product is at its peak quality, and is quite different to an 'expiry-date' or 'used-by date'. We do not carry any lines that have passed their 'used-by' dates which could pose health or safety risks.

Are you seeking an expiry date on a particular product or list of products?
We appreciate that our customers have varied requirements when it comes to the shelf life of their products. The majority of our products are fast-moving and our inventory can change rapidly which means that what is in a location in our warehouse today may well be different to what is there tomorrow. Please understand that this means we are therefore unable to fulfil individual customer requests for us to provide exact expiry dates for their products before they're shipped or individual request for expiry dates on goods prior to purchase. However, if you have specific requirements, and knowing the Best Before Date (BBD) is crucial for purposes like manufacturing or exporting, or large purchases such as 20+ cartons please reach out to us before making a purchase and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. If you are concerned regarding best before dates of your products prior to purchase we recommend you visit our Alexandria store or your local retailer and check out the BBD on the item or rest assured that the products will fall inline with our shelf life policy mentioned above. 

We are big believers in reducing food waste where we can. It is one of our core values, backed up by the fact we are a certified B-Corp. In the event of a product not being sold before its best before date, we do our best to donate where we can, to ensure our food is not going to waste.

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