What naturally gluten free products do you stock?

What naturally gluten free products do you stock?

We have a variety of naturally gluten free products available:

Flours: Buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, millet flour, quinoa flour, tapioca flour 
Baking Ingredients: Baking powder, arrowroot powder, all coconut and cacao products are naturally gluten free 
Rice: All our rice products are naturally gluten free 
Grains: Amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, millet 
Beans: All our beans and pulses are naturally gluten free 
Cereals: Puffed amaranth, puffed buckwheat, puffed brown rice, puffed millet, rolled quinoa 
Snacks: Rice cakes, Seaweed snacks
Seeds/Nuts/Dried Fruit: All our seeds, nuts and dried fruit are naturally gluten free 
Bottled & Jarred Products: All items including oils, sauces, vinegars, spreads and honey are naturally gluten free 

PLEASE NOTE: that whilst the above listed products do not naturally contain gluten, we do not perform gluten detection testing and we are not a certified gluten free facility. All gluten free products will be packed via our dedicated allergen free lines. However, all products packed in our "allergen free" room will still have a "traces may be present..." statement on the packaging. Our facility uses shared equipment, which is thoroughly cleaned between all production lines however we cannot guarantee and do not claim they are completely gluten-free.

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