Are sustainable flours organic?

Are sustainable flours organic?

Wholegrain Milling Co's Certified Sustainable Flours or Australian Sustainable Produce (ASP) are stoneground wheat flours. The stone milling process keeps the integrity of the flour to give a unique flavour and retains the nutritional profile of the grain. 

ASP flours are made from grains grown using farming techniques that support soil improvement, use of natural inputs and promote the long-term sustainability of the environment.  

Sustainable flours are not organic. But they are products that support and improve the long-term sustainability of the environment. They are ideal for those seeking a more affordable alternative to Certified Organic products who care about their food, health and their environment. 

The ASP Certified Sustainable flours are fully traceable products with no nasties added. All the flours are tested, and are residue free, GMO free, high quality and nutrient dense.  

Certified sustainable farmers manage their land in an environmentally friendly way, sequestering carbon, building diversity, enriching the soil, providing a superior and nutritional product overall.  

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